Thursday, May 29, 2008

Life will return to normal... life will return to normal... life will...

Update from my small corner of hell... which I realize IS still in the cooler suburbs thereof...
- Still haven't finished @#$% work project
- Mare still hasn't foaled

I'm scheduled to finish the project tomorrow. If the foal is born tomorrow night I've threatened to name it "Fucking Project Finally Done". Appropriate on oh so many levels.

The mare has wax. Her milk tastes sweet/rich. The test strips say "any minute now" (the good news) and have said the same thing for 3-4 days (the bad news).

It's not without its comforts. Here's a pic of my friend and me (I'm in the foreground) set up for a long night watching the mares.

These chairs ROCK (pun intended). They are very comfortable for extended periods of time. Guess how I know that?
We actually only hung out in the barn like this over the long weekend -- I do have a foalcam set up so I can watch from my room. It's been pointed at my mare but my friend's mare jumped ahead of mine in line and had her foal on Tuesday evening at a respectable and thoughtful 5:00 p.m. He is absolutely adorable, don't you think?

The baby lust deepens. Yet as I write this my mare is standing in the position she has made famous in the last couple of weeks. Why always the same spot? It must be a zen kind of thing. Exactly 2/3 of the way across her 12x24 stall, back to wall, head down in contemplation or evil glee at the torment.
Wait, now she is lying down. She wants me to drop what I'm doing and go check on her. The foalcam reception is not great and once already I've thought I saw her standing with a really awful medicine hat foal or a big goat, when in fact it was... oh, I don't know, glare or something. With that history, chances of me seeing a wee foot emerging from her and identifying it as such are pretty much non-existant. I am resisting heading out there, but may not be able to resist much longer.
Sleep is highly over-rated.


cdncowgirl said...

OMG I didn't know you were STILL on foal watch!
Yikes :(

fuglyhorseoftheday said...

If that mare goes any longer, you guys will have a fridge, a microwave and a porta potty set up out there and you'll never come in the house!

New baby is so cute - he was running the Kentucky Derby in that foaling stall this AM.

QueenSkankarella said...

Oh, he is super cute. I would *love* to breed my mare (don't worry, not happening any time soon).

Char said...

OMG I just realized that you have a link to Howrse on your blog! I play too!!

HorseLvr82, look me up!

333beck333 said...

Congrats on your little foal!! :) :)

Callie said...

That little colt is cute! And I love those chairs, have one myself, very comfy!